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Travel to 11 Amazing Spots with Less Money

The whole world believes that traveling to touristic areas requires a great deal of money; either what is related to flight ticket or accommodation, food and drink. But the reality is another story since there are many beautiful destinations of breathtaking and the cheapest cost of living.

This is what we are going to tackle in this article, so read carefully to choose a destination that suits your personality (adventurous you are or classical).

  1. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is an island country situated in the South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand and that contains fifteen islands. The clearest tropical water, coral reefs and balmy nights are what make it a wonderful holiday destination for families. It may not be a paradise on earth, but at least it offers an atmosphere of relaxation and fresh breathtaking.

    2-Bali, Indonesia

A stunning place and the cheapest one to not miss out is Bali. This Indonesian island is famous for its wooded volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and many other extraordinary views. You will be surprised concerning the prices on this island; imagine! This place offers a private villa for only $95 per night. As for renting a motorbike for a day, the price is $5 and $3 for a meal.

    3- Sri Lanka

Well! Let me tell you the news; Sri Lanka is the best destination to travel to though your wallet is not that much full. Markets, transportation, accommodation and utilities do not require a high budget. There are several stars-hotels that will not cost you a lot of money since they are located in a friendly-wallet place. For example, Savannah City Hotel Kandy is one of the suitable-cheapest hotels that cost just $22 per a night.  Once you explore the jungles, temples, wide sandy beaches, tea plantations and much more; be sure that you will find it hard to leave.

  1. Moorea

Dreaming of a romantic vacation? Then Moorea in French Polynesia, this magical place that surrounded by a picture-perfect lagoon must be on the list of the planned next destinations for all people who have a limited budget. This is a place for those who seek to live a very calm journey as there is no hustle activity whatsoever nearby. The over water bungalows at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa is easier to find and cheaper than bungalows in Bora Bora; since the first one costs just $650 per night and the latter one costs $1,000 or more. Renting bikes and buggies may be a good choice to discover the rest of the island since it doesn’t cost much money. Concerning food Snack Mahana near the Hilton will for sure suit you since it offers good meals with an inexpensive menu.

  1. Estonia

Are you ready to live everyone’s dream travel? Well, no matter what kind of vacation you want to take, either an active holiday, family vacation or spa experiences. Because we finally find a destination that worth to expend your money on it; it is the capital city of Tallinn where you probably will try to experience new things that you couldn’t have in other countries. Estonia has an interesting history and charming architecture that will please you.

Concerning the budget, you will need no more than $70 to stay in the Strand SPA Conference & Hotel one night and $3 for a beer in addition to less than $6 for dinner.

  1. Komodo Island

The Indonesian Komodo Island seems to be one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature. Renting a private bungalow on this island is inexpensive than you can ever imagine since it is less than $27 per night. In addition to that, food also is cheap as accommodation.

  1. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s largest island is an accessible natural paradise with extraordinary views, long stretches of white sand beaches and more. Whether you are off for a romantic vacation or a solo travel, Phuket is an amazing and cheap destination that is known for its good atmosphere, accommodation and services. The price of booking a room in the Andakira Hotel Patong is no more than $60 a night. Moreover, you will be surprise about the prices of Le Brooklyn Restaurant Halal in comparison with the high quality of food they serve.

    8-Manaus, Brazil

The choice of Manaus as a vacation destination for those who have a limited budget is the right decision. This place can be found in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and a colorful mosaic of friendly locals, situated right in the jungle of South America. This elegant place offers unique sights that definitely worth seeing. The advantage of this place is its affordable prices; for example, renting a room in the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort hotel costs only $60 a night.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

This is an excursion all beauty lovers would not miss. Lisbon is a place where you can live perfect days with limited money. It offers great restaurants and cafes with logical prices, lively nightlife and beautiful architecture. In this awe-inspiring city, you can stay one night in the Hotel Mundial for less than $80.

  1. Hurghada , Egypt

What I can say about Hurghada! If you are in love with camels, palms and clear water beaches then this is your designed destination. You will profit of many five-stars hotels right on the beach such as the Marriott Hurghada that is known for its high quality of services and can be booked for no more than $100 per night which is an unparalleled offer for such space.

  1. Zanzibar

Nowadays, Zanzibar becomes a dream of travelers of the whole world. Zanzibar is a spot of many beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand and palm trees. One of the historical monuments that is famous for its logical entrance price the House of Wonders which is a 19th century palace. In Zanzibar, you can book the luxury Mizingani Seafront Hotel for less than $94 per night.