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Things to Bear in Mind before Moving on To Germany

Germany is always a good idea if you want to break your monotonous routine and explore an ideal atmosphere. As we all know, each travel needs preparation. That’s why in this article we are going to make it easier for you as travelers by tackling one task in the preparation list, which is related to things that you need to know before you unpack. The following rules that are stated by the global network Culture Trip are the keys to enjoy your trip, get inspired and adapted easily in German society with all its customs.

Get ready to wait for the green man

When it comes to the issue of respecting the rules we probably think of the Germans. Germany seems like a country of serious people and rule-oriented citizens. So, if you never traveled to this stunning country and you are preparing to take your first travel to it, then bear in mind that you have the right to cross the road just when the pedestrian light turns green. In addition to the traffic sign, people will help you understand more by noticing their respectful behavior and interaction towards these traffic signs. Moreover, concerning bicycling in Germany you have to make sure that your bicycle has a back and a front light to guarantee your safety. Otherwise, you would be unsatisfied with the results.

Validate your ticket

One more rule to consider before boarding the train is to make sure that your ticket is validated. Because in Germany, checking timetables, prices and booking tickets is not enough since there is no responsible agency that offers security services in the train stations.

Look for a suitable transport zone

Germany is one of the best countries that must be visited, as it is a spot that where the most modern transportation systems in the world can be found (a system that is straightforward, affordable and usually punctual). All what you need here is to look for a suitable ticket zone and validate your ticket before boarding. There are several ticket options for zones, but if you are confused it is better to have a look at the zoning maps to have a general idea about the road and the next stations.

Time is time

Germans are the population who likes rules, and they like them in a way that everyone submits them, especially by respecting their best watches. That is to say that the general rule for Germans is to be on time since punctuality is an integral part of their culture. If it happened to visit Germany bear in mind that if you are not a punctual person you will always miss the bus because of the punctuality of the transportation system.

The importance of recycling

Since Germany is Europe’s leader in recycling, then it is obvious that this operation may have advantages and benefits. First of all, recycling is the fact that makes Germany a clean country that everyone wants to explore its property. Secondly, it is a source of livelihood for many families that collect the plastic bottles and glass ones as well and resold them to the shops if they have a stock that shows their suitability for recycling.

Prepare your wallet

Concerning cash, Germany is an exceptional case since it still uses the cash system in a time that other developed countries use a cashless one. In this special country, the majority of shops, stores, restaurants, and stalls have no card machines. Which is seems to be something crazy in a developed country, but at the same time, it is the supported recipe that makes it the most cash-intensive advanced economies in the world. For sure you don’t want to waste your time searching for ATMs places, so it is always advisable to have enough cash in your wallet.

Where to smoke

First-time travelers to Germany might be surprised about the weather inside many restaurants and bars and how popular country for smokers it is. Not only that it has entire smoking bars, but also a country with bistros and bottle clubs where you can smoke freely.

You might be retrograde about this destination, but don’t worry because there are some restaurants that have smoking sections that will suit you if you don’t want to mingle with people who smoke.

No Sunday shopping

You can enjoy shopping in Germany the whole week, except Sunday in which pharmacies, shops and even supermarkets are out of the service. So take a profit from each day in this wonderful country and make sure to have shopping on Saturday or before. Meanwhile, you will have a full day to enjoy and explore the beauty of it. Despite this, cafes and restaurants are never closed.

You can eat everywhere

Germany is a fabulous place where you can smooth the street food as much as possible. If you are going to be in larger cities like Berlin you will easily find vegan and vegetarian restaurants. However, if you are thinking of your budget and want to economize your money then you have to direct attention to the cheapest snacks that can be found in the majority of the streets.

Try to speak German

English is the world’s language. Isn’t it?

In Germany, the use of English as a tool of communication can work only in Berlin since it is a big city and the center of many languages such as English and Arabic. That is why we find English as a popular language because everyone in this city can speak it. But it is not the case in the other regions where Germans speak only their language. That is why it would preferable to learn some of their phrases before you go there.

Explore Germany’s natural beauty

This is the country of numerous spectacular highlights that worth to be seen. It is a destination of splendid architecture, unquestionable charm and a rich history as well. All what you need to discover cathedrals, castles and wonders of this country is to rent a car if you have a European driver’s license which will make your journey easier and funny in a way that is free.

Profit of the high-speed system

My advice to you in this wonderful country is to enjoy your time and try to not waste even a second. How! You only have to book a ticket that will allow you to explore the destination that was chosen. As long as Germany is an excellent touristic destination, it is also a country of the fastest transportation system. Well! Profit of the system and get around Germany.