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The Three Lands of Self-Discovery

The human life stands out as a source of value. From the early beginning of life, the human relates his existence to the question WHO I AM? He tries to find out an answer for his question in others perspectives, although he knows that the numerous answers are not satisfying, due to the complexity of this existential question. During the adulthood the question become more valuable and takes more space of our thinking. In this period in which we have to take responsibilities and do everything without depending on anyone’s help we as well have more desire to answer all the questions we have in mind.

You want to get rid of those questions? You have the desire to find out all the answers you are looking for?

Here is the solution, all what you need is a backpack to give yourself a chance to make a connection with yourself and logic as well as rediscover your real self and identity.

So! Get ready to an impressive trip to one of the following destinations:

  • India


India is the only place in the world where you can live SPIRITUALITY; once you get in India you’re going to feel the spirit of beauty, traditions and rituals. The great thing about India is that you can enjoy the spiritual world without making any connection with religion.

Your visit of different temples in addition to walking around them will give you a new energy and other view to the world. Yoga and meditation are the best of all what you can practice in India. They are the famous activities which can allow your body, inner self and soul to be connected together.

Just in this country and nowhere else you will notice the appreciable value that given to the spiritual side. Once you get there you’re going to learn how to live the inner peace.

Not only that being in the same place with people of different mentalities but your interaction with them is what interests most, the cross culture you are going to experience will transform you to a new one with a new mindset.

Once it happened to get out of India, your perspective of the world will change; you will appreciate life and know how much life is valuable and precious.

Since India is the most famous place where we can practice Yoga and Meditation; then, it may be the place where you can find the answers to all of your questions. Especially the one related to the inner self WHO I AM?

So! What are you waiting for? A long trip is waiting you

  • Italy


Among all the continents of the world, Europe is the smallest one. However it is the most one that attracts tourists from the whole world. It is a place where you can discover yourself and know more about it. Europe is a fabulous place that is rich of cultures, customs and languages.

Regardless of many countries that are shaping this continent, Italy is the shine star of the whole Europe, a star which combines between history and modernity in an artistic way.

To feel like if you are living in another century and live the history in a modern way, Italy is the best choice. It is a country that will charm you  with the awesome architecture, irresistible food and unparalleled art.

In order to have a better understanding of the Italian culture you have to check its history. You may ask why history? Okay! The story of Italy is fascinating and somehow complicated to understand at the same time, especially when it comes to the interrelationship between its past, present and future.

It is the same story! As you need to have a full understanding of the Italian structure, you as well need to direct your full attention to your past, understand it and know which part of it is affecting your present.

You may ask yourself what’s the secret (beyond) behind the Italian charm. This should be your next job. Once you start looking for the answer you will discover that the pillar of that charm is all about art.

Art can never die. Almost every artwork is a voice that has the power to transform different messages in once. While focusing on the role of art, it will give shed light on the meaning of your existence, your role in life and the affection of the outside world on you. In fact, art is a manner of speech and a way to connect with the world.

Thus an artwork is the gate that will guide your eyes to see your belonging place. Moreover, the understanding of this artistic process is the key to self-expression and identity prove.

  • Namibia


The oldest desert on the planet, special and mysterious; it is the Namib desert.

Extraordinary to think that such an isolated desert is found next to a large body of water. It is a landscape that produce something unusual of what thought us to be a fact from the early beginning of our childhood, something that is different of what we see in our daily life.

A desert with a water source! How comes!

If the nature has the ability to (present,offer) us what is unfamiliar, then it is self-evident that you are also capable of getting out of a closer box and give yourself a chance of self-discovering by trying new experiences and take adventurous journeys.

Give yourself space to prove to the world that you can be who you want to be, not (whom/who) the world itself wants you to be. Let yourself to (exposure) out of the natural power and break all the structures.

When we direct our attention to all the contradictories that the world consists of, then just will understand that they are the pillars which constructed our personalities.

In addition to that Namibia, desert is a place of breathtaking, stunning, magnificent and incredibly quiet. It is also a landscape of colorful dunes, from richer, warmer, fuller and otherworldly magic of what you can see.

Traveling to Namibian desert seems like getting away from everything even yourself. But, that happened just if you have the desire to do so. You can go to the end of the world, but if you have not decided to discover yourself then it won’t suddenly come to you automatically.

Well, just when you decide to work on your personality then go directly to Namibian desert to get rid of everything that keeps you from discovering yourself and abilities and discover the hidden sides that shape your personality.

To ends up:

Detecting your personality can be terrifying, but also (exiting synonym). Once you return from your journey, your view to the world will completely change. And the way you are seeing yourself will change as well.

The world is an amazing place that is full of challenges. Through travel, you will know the exact meaning of life and the ideal beauty of the world. Moreover, you will taste many cultures and meet people with different mindset.