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The Smallest Countries on Earth


The world consists of many smallest countries that are amazing and worth to be seen. But unfortunately, they are not known for the majority of the population on the earth.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives is an attractive destination that is located in the Indian Ocean. It is a smallest country in Asia that occupies a total of 298 sq km, and known as a massive area with a large number of people that can be calculated within 341,365 of the residents. What is special about this island is its unparalleled location that is an image of a vast underwater mountain range

Maldives is the world’s 1200 islands and 200 of them are inhabited, it is formally known as a pleasant island and most intriguing place in the world that attracted the attention of tourists because of its huge ocean that occupied 99% of the land space.

The Maldives nowadays are threatened by global warming that can be caused by sea-level rise, since it is the lowest country with 2.6 meters height. Though it seems to be in danger but people in the world are taking the advantage of its charm and live wonderful experiences while travelling to it.

  1. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis are the world’s ninth smallest country that is located in the Caribbean Sea, including over 48,000 of the population with 261 sq km. Saint Kitts and Nevis are from Volcanic origin and considered to be found in the smallest country in the Americas and were the first two islands to be occupied by Europeans. This country got its independence from the British colonialism.

  1. Marshall Islands

The republic of the Marshall Islands is an island country that took place in the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular touristic destination that includes 1150 isles it encompasses an area of 180 square kilometres and 72,000 of the residents, which puts it at number 8 of the world’s smallest countries.

RMI was settled by the United States that Assumed administrative control of it after gaining military control of this island from Japan.

The Marshall Islands gained its independence in 1979 from the US.

  1. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is boarded by Switzerland and Austria; it is the 7th-smallest country with an area of 160 square kilometers and a population of 37,000. What makes it an Alphine country is being a mountainous and winter sport spot. It is not considered as a member of the European Union it always concerned with the Schengen area. It is one of the minimal countries of the world that has developed its economic situation though its limited natural resources.

  1. San Marino

The sixth smallest country in the world with a total of 61 square kilometer and a population of 32,000 is San Marino. It seems to be the oldest surviving state in the world. Moreover it claims to be the wealthiest area concerning GDP per capita. The views over the surrounding countryside are gorgeous, it is a maze of hilly, medieval streets and dotted.

  1. Tuvalu

The tiny Tuvalu is a stunning country halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Its nine islands formed as three true islands and six coral atolls which are spread over 26 square kilometer. It is the place that north to be visited if you want to relax among the picturesque. Researchers claimed that this land is threatened to be invisible at the end of century due to water that will cover it.

Tuvalu can be described as a paradise on the Earth that has a majestic charm which gives it the advantage to be a massive touristic destination.

  1. Nauru

Just as Tuvalu and San Marino, Nauru is the smallest island country in the world with only 21 square kilometer. This small island situated in the South Pacific Ocean south of the Marshall Island. The country that was once the wealiest nation on the planet became a place of shame and poverty. Nowadays it represents the real image of a wasteland that had no independent entirely anymore, because all the phosphate resources that were a source of its richness were stripped. The Australian government provide support to Nauru and benefit from Nauru as a location for its refugees.

  1. Monaco

Monaco, the second-smallest nation in Europe with a land area that measures a total of 2.02 square kilometre as there are over 37,000 of the population and borders only France and the Meditarrian Sea. This wonderful land considered as a home to the largest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita. As a result of the astonishing views that this country consists of, it become the preferable destination of the rich and famous category. This tiny city-state is famous for its wealth, glamorous and casinos events.

  1. Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest sovereign state in the world by both area and population; it consists of a few numbers of people that is 842 and spread on a smallest space that is 0.44 square kilometer. What is strange about this country is its noncommercial system. Which means that it gain the financial support from contributions, such as real estate income, donations from catholic individuals. Moreover the revenues increased due to the sale of stamps, medals, coins and tourist mementoes.

  1. Sealand

Sealand is a tiny and isolated micronation and self-declared independent state that is not recognized officially. It is situated in the North Sea and takes place in 0.025 square kilometres only. This platform was built by the British Royal Navy under the reason of defending against the Germans in World War Two. On September 1967 Roy Bates declared independence and give a birth to the principality of Sealand by raising the national flag. In 20 years, the country approved 150,000 passports; unfortunately, the Bates family abolished them in 1997. Pirate Bay tried to buy Sealand in order to avoid copyright laws. Shortly thereafter, this secluded place was offers for sale for US$900 million.

UK expanded its  territorial Waters from 6 to 22 Kilometers in 1987 and make Sealand a part of British water even though Sealand still not officially recognized by any established sovereign state.