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The seven unexpected things that would ruin your holiday

Holidays are the best time of the year where you can have fun take a trip to change the mood and have the joy of hanging out with friends, but what if the memorable holiday becomes a journey in hell and some unexpected thing happened to ruin your holiday, we are speaking about something will be remembered for a long time not just like a nosy neighbor or someone’s loud music in next room, so here is seven things that most likely to ruin your holiday.

1-Accidents that put you in hospital

Accidents are a widespread problem and you cannot be expected when to happen, the thing that will put you in a difficult situation while you are on your holidays’ journey and can even ruin your holiday and send you or one of your friends to hospitals. Once you go out from home to a holiday most of the people start acting as teenagers because of the stressed work that they suffer from and ride bikes on dangerous places only professionals do and they want to feel alive so they challenge each other, when people travel to another place feel free as happened to a friend of mine when we went on a trip and he wanted to climb a mountain with no tools no equipment but he ended going to hospital with serious injuries. Risk factor: 0.1 percent

2-Airline or tour operator goes bust

Bankruptcy is a serious thing and can happen to any company and tour makers are not excluded so before you start dreaming of getting on a trim with a dream travel agency make sure they are reliable or you will find yourself on the other side of the world hearing about the bankruptcy of the company you are traveling with then you will find yourself with 100-holiday makers sinking faster than titanic and waiting this situation to be solved, the same thing happened to Thomas cook when the travelers found out the company declared bankruptcy and they are not the only ones also declared bankruptcy letting travelers not knowing what to do in that difficult situation no one of them imagined that the dream trip turns to a measurable trip. Risk factor: 0.02 percent

3-Getting arrested

You may be familiar with your country’s rules and law but never expect it to have the same rules everywhere because you may be arrested for something you thought it is legal when you generalize that you expose yourself to different problems and be treated as criminal or worst you may be looked in jail for few days or more if you knew that what you have done is illegal like fraud cases or carrying drugs can put you in a serious situation especially in United State as the country who arrested more than 240 Australian and took to the slammer, followed by Thailand, China, and the UAE. Risk factor: 0.014 percent

4-Civil unrest

When you travel to another country and found riots on your way try to avoid participating and go directly to someplace else and don’t try to watch from a distance it may become as rampage and turn to war zone and people come running in your way, at least if you are lucky you would be injured or sent to hospital but it is differently be worst, in the other hand if you chose to participate you will find our self in the middle of fights against the discipline police and my be taken to jail for participating with no sympathy and your travel agency would not help you even from your travel insurance will not cover your costs so try to stay away from riots because it will be the reason of ruin your holiday. Risk factor: 0.01 percent

5-Weather events

It is good to plan for everything before you go on a holiday far from home but what is unexpected is never be planed, Out of nowhere, you will find yourself in a difficult situation that may cause you to lose the joy of holidays for a long time or worst you may find yourself in a life or death situation. One of those unexpected factors is the weather, No one can expect what the weather would bring especially when you are outdoor and in another country, you may find yourself in the middle of a tornado or flood, in that case, your car will not do you anything there. That is why as a precaution it is better to ask about the weather in that country at that time of the year because the only people who can predict a season phenomena are the locals. Risk factor: 0.04 percent

6-Lost stuff

As every travel agency would advise you to keep your precious belonging at home it is the same here, most of the travelers lose their stuff on their holiday trip and start complaining to their insurance company and surprised why most of the cases are refused, it is because the insurance agencies have thousands of files about the loss of their recent oversea trips. That is why when you are on a holiday trip take it as a precaution and put you precious belonging in a safe place and take what you need so as not to ruin your trip and lose the good mood. Risk factor: 25 percent.


One of the unexpected accidents that may ruin your holiday trip is strikes when you go on a trip to another country and find a strike be sure you will have problems especially if it is taxi’s strikes you will not go anyway and you will have to spend your holiday at your room in the hotel or walking around to avoid stuffed buses and people have a bad mood, so it is better to take a quick look to the situation in the country you are traveling to know if there is something you can plan for. Risk factor: 0.06 percent