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The 9 things that have (thankfully) disappeared from travel


We all want to save beautiful moments forever but because most of the people easily forget they need (have to) take tale pictures whenever they went out but because two decades ago there are no cell phones equipped with high tech peoples needed to buy films, take pictures and wait until they go to the darkroom or as known the wizard room to make it as pictures we know and it is a long and expensive process (Fuji Velvia slide film cost 50 cents per image) which need focus and stability, not the same thing as know we go out where and whenever we wanted and take pictures with our cell phones that do almost everything zoom, focus and clarity all of that in seconds and you can take as many pictures as you want as long as your phone is charged and still have storage.

2-Traveler’s cheques 

We are all familiar with the ATM service where you can have your money easily and in no time and all you need is your visa card and your password, but life was not like that long time ago, people were using traveler’s cheques when they travel and need to take them to the bank and wait for half an hour or even more just to get your money, and it is another problem if accidentally loosed your traveler’s cheques then you will need to wait for two days just to get your money it is the only way to get access local currency overseas.

3-Non-digitized music

Music industries are one of the popular fields in selling the music online and some other music may come to you for free on your mobile phone from your friends and even download it from web sites. But what was the case when there are no phones no high technology and no digitized music, people those days were carrying big speakers to listen to music using cassettes until the Sony walkman appeared to change everything. It was a blessing for people who love music even if the cassettes cost a lot and easy to be damaged but the joy of carrying a small device with earphones and listen to music all day was unbelievable. The Sony Walkman was the revolution of musician and helped them spread music all over the globe until the iPod showed up and took its place.

4-Departure tax

Years ago people were charged in the airport just for traveling from one place to another and all that hidden under the name taxes and charges, the process was to pay 20$ or so in an office where a boarding officer stand to attach a stamp to your boarding passport.most of people don’t realize that because they assume that they just paid for the tickets but it exists within the ticket fees.

5-Paper maps

Paper maps were the most famous tool to get from a place to another without being lost, years ago people used to buy paper maps to know direction and you should know how to read them, but that is not the case anymore because people now using the apps on their phones just by one click it show you direction and your exact position so as not to be lost, another thing its even guides you verbally and it is the most effective way now a day. An extra way to get directions is in your modern car if you don’t know it is equipped by a GPS that guides you in new places and tell you how long is the way until home and which road is the best one to take.


Not quite gone people were using Guidebooks to get information about the places they want to visit and what are the best places to go and what time of the year is crowded, what kind of food is there. But it is not the case anymore because everything is available on the internet to like the guide’s book that needs 18 months to see the light after being written so most of the places are out of date where you are not sure if it is still offering service or not. Another thing is it takes place in your bag the same place that you can use it for the more useful object.

7-Baggage without wheels

We all remember how it was when we were dragging our heavy suitcase all over the place 20KG to 50KG and all that just to take the basic needs with you, back ago when you want to travel you need to put in your mind if you are planning for a long vacation it will be impossible for you to take everything you need in your suitcase because it will be extremely heavy and will have problem dragging it all over the place. Not like meanwhile when the baggage has wheels two to four or even six just to make you more comfortable and take all that you need with you with less effort. 


Long-time ago if a person traveled somewhere he needs to send a postcard from the city that he exists in, and he needs to pick it carefully to choose the right one to the audience he is targeting, there is a postcard designed with care and love to send it to your loved ones and there are postcards written with humorous style for friends, everyone was carrying a special meaning not the same as meanwhile you just need to take pictures and post it on your timeline in social media to a particular audience where people will see it and react. 

9-Inflight movie projection screens

It was time I remember every movie lover has a movie projection screen in his cabin, to watch a short movie on the road with his friends or family with full democracy to choose whatever movie you like with no problems everyone on his round of choosing the one he or she likes. But not like now where there is a movie screen on every seat and everyone watches the movie he wants.