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The 9 Steps That Will Guide to Be a Lovely Airline Passenger

The majority of people thought that being a passenger has no rules, the reality is that each one of the passengers needs to pay attention to some details concerning the way they behave towards the flight attendants. In the coming lines we are going to) catch your eyes by giving you some tips that will help you to be an awesome airline passenger, as well as avoid being an enemy of your fellows and flight attendants. 

  1. Acknowledge the crew’s existence

You cannot imagine a flight without attendants, as you cannot imagine the attendants without a smile. In each time you board the aircraft you will find a smiling flight attendant waiting for you to greet you kindly and warmly at the door of your flight in order to encourage you to fly again. All what you have to do is to reciprocate the pleasantry.

It seems like a normal etiquette is not it?

Actually it is, but suddenly the majority of the passengers see the attendants as robots that greet them and those robots do not need to be greeted at all.

Flight attendants are doing their best, not just for making you comfortable but also for your safety. So try to be kind enough and make a kind greeting in return, at least by the eye contact. 

  1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

The flight as public transportation has its own rules, such as provide some respect to your fellows on the plane. While the flight can never consider as a home then it is obvious that you as a traveler has the right to use your seat, tray table, and armrest. Touching, poking, pinching, taping, or pulling at others clothes are unacceptable and inappropriate as well. Here each one must be responsible for his faults especially that this cabinet is a shared public space that is a multi-million dollar piece of equipment that is needed to be kept awesome for as long as possible.

While on the flight remember that the aisle of the aircraft is not an extension of a seat or the area designated to do some activities, but it is the workspace of your hardworking flight attendants.

So please try to avoid being the one who causes damages on the cabinet, such as cause a compound tib/fib fracture just because of your foot or leg.

  1. Do not forget that you are in a shared public place

Kindness is the power and as a passenger you must be polite and use common sense when asking the flight attendants for something. Do not be selfish and be patient when you request a service and it takes some minutes to be provided; and keep in mind that there are many other travelers who are requesting the same attendant with many different needs, especially during boarding when there are more hectic and inconvenient for the flight attendants.

  1. Wear socks

Being a passenger means to provide some politeness to your surrounding by keeping in mind that you are in a shared public space that you must respect its sited rules. And remember that you cannot do all what you want as you used to do at your house or your living room.

  1. Keep it moving

You do not need to be a travel expert in order to get completely situated in a matter of seconds without disturbing the flight external atmosphere. Do not be that kind of people who plops their suitcase down in the middle of the aisle and try to search for any possible item they think might be of use during their flight.

Once you behave like this, you do not only cause delaying the leaving gate but you also disturb the other travelers and become their enemy by showing them an inappropriate image of you.

Sweater, book, iPad and the items that you believe will be used during your flight, make sure to place them in exterior and easily accessible pocket of your bag and when you get to your row pull out and throw them onto your seat in order to be quick while stowing your luggage in the overhead bin.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

Sometimes on the flight you may see unusual things happen on your surrounding such as crewmembers running up and down the aisles whilst carrying medical equipment and try to know  if there is a physician on board, then make sure that it’s your responsibility to locate a pillow by yourself. 

  1. If you are traveling with a small child, don’t change their diaper at your seat or on a tray table

If it happened and you are traveling with your little kid then make sure to have a previous check about all that will be needed, such as the toilet. Once you have full information then you will not be that ignorant person who does whatever like changing your kid’s diaper at your seat or on a tray table. Most aircraft’s lavatories are equipped with fold-down changing tables that are suitable for kids.

Keep in mind that It’s an enclosed cabin with recirculated air that is why it is better to avoid forcing them to inhale human excrement fumes while attempting to enjoy their meal.

  1. Flush the toilet

If you are that kind of the travelers who are willing to make their surrounding and every detail; fortunately it is a good thing, but I will be great if you try to close the door behind you.

  1. Go with the flow

Pilots, flight attendants, and passenger always share the same goal which is to create a good atmosphere inside the aircraft and arrive at their destination safely.

It is obvious that the human being cannot do anything about the weather, as the flight attendants have no ability to rectify your seat pitch or available legroom and the pilots are not able to avoid all the pop-up thunderstorm.

The good thing about some passengers is their appreciation of the stuff’s efforts and power in order to control the weather, airplane configuration and air traffic.