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The 7 Keys of Being Out of the Tourist Scams’ Box In Europe

No one can deny how much amazing tourism destination Europe is. From off-the-beaten-path islands to emerging cities of culture to capitals of the old historic monuments and colorful towns, and many other places can be found only in Europe since it is the continental center of tourism spot that attracts tourists from the whole world.

Everywhere you go you will find many local people that will try to be your touristic guider and provide you with the information you might ask about, but a beautiful smile and kind words cannot make you sure that this is the right person that you have to trust in a such strange place.

This only means that you as a tourist have to pay more attention once you get in Europe, because this is the most destinations that are known for the scam, tricks, and traps.

That is why I thought to propose some simple steps that you can consider as the keys to enjoy your trip with zero confusion.

  1. Avoid rushing and make a detailed check

Many people are tempted by appearances and once someone offers them a deal that seems too good to be true they never thought that it might be a fake deal.

So, do not rush to take such decision that will cause you bankruptcy before even being a rich person.

Be careful and do not trust anybody before making a detailed check, and once you collected enough information and make sure that it is a trusted source then you can get on board comfortably.

      2.Have a look at the currency

When traveling to new places, many things can be different than what you are used to. But bear in mind that the first thing you have to know about is the currency of the planned destination. And if you are smart enough you would have collected some information about it when you prepare for your travel. Otherwise, you will be a victim of a scam, exactly of the Forex (foreign exchange) currency trading scams that have been increased to become a complexity of financial investment opportunities.

Well! You have to be cautious when it comes to money.  

  1. Do not start up a conversation

We all know that scam artists come in all sizes and shapes. That is why it is necessary to exercise an extra bit of caution and be aware of common scams. The best way to avoid being a victim of any stranger who is trying to approach you uninvited is to not engage at all; don’t even think about being friendly and say sorry or thank you just say nothing, and if he is a scammer then of course he will not waste his time begging you to interact but he will choose to move on and look for a victim.

In many cases whose who used to be scammers won’t cause harm to anybody because they just want money. The most trending scam around Europe is The Friendship Bracelet (which is a technique of strapping a bracelet to your arm without any previous permission and then asks you to pay for it). Another type of scam is The Found-a-Ring (is when a stranger ask you first if that ring he holds is yours and once you say no he will aggressively try to sell it to you after saying that it is pure gold). 

  1. Keep the updates

One of the priorities that need to take into consideration once you get in the planned destination is to inquire about the current situation. You can have conversations with local people of this town and ask them about some details, to keep you updated with the latest cases of scam, as well as some places that should be avoided in order to make sure that you are in the right place that is safe. It will not take you more than few minutes to have all the answers you are looking for; moreover, you can also ask about some recommendation places that suit you. 

  1. Credit card is the best choice

Protecting yourself against travel scams should be one of your prior necessities. Every year and every season scammers are waiting for your trust and naivety to make you their next victim.

You probably don’t want to be a victim of financial fraud, so it is advisable to use your credit card instead of using cash.

Don’t be fooled! And try to pay by card which is a great option especially when it comes to charges; the advantage here is that you can dispute the charges within 60 days of them appearing and make sure that you are using a payment protection process. 

  1. A fake deal

All what you need is to give up some minutes of your time to do a background check on the company that offers you a deal, especially nowadays when you might face many fake companies whose pillar basis is scamming operations.

In this case, it is preferable to keep your private credit card and ID info to yourself and avoid giving them to anybody or any company you are doubtful about and not comfortable with; because when it comes to personal information it is your responsibility to be careful and pay more attention. Another thing you must direct your full attention to is that type of vendors who try aggressively to push you into signing up, using some special pressure tactics.

So, do not let the complacency and laziness to decide with whom to deal! 

  1. Take a profit of your common sense

The use of common sense is always helpful to avoid finding yourself in the scamming situation. As an example, if you are planning to head to one of Europe’s beautiful beaches to enjoy your time, feel relaxed and comfortable then you have to make a balance between being a doubtful person and a naïf one. The best technic to live your dream vacation without transferring it to a horrible holiday nightmare is to make a little background check and research about every detail and destinations you are planning to head to.

A little caution is needed to have fun and be comfortable while being in your trip vacation.