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The 13th Reasons Why You Must Head To Mexico City


Zocalo is one of the largest plazas in the world, it is one of the famous recognizable places in Mexico City, and this main public square is known officially as Plaza de la Constitucion.  The site often hosts many special events during Holy Week and for Corpus Christi; it is surrounded by many historic buildings and pedestrian avenues such as the city’s national cathedral, the National Palace and federal buildings. This is the place that offers you an over picture of the whole city from street vendors to cars speed around the outskirts and concerts that are organized.

It is a vibrant spot that always jammed full of people!

 2-Templo Mayor

It is hard to think that this mega city (Mexico City) was built directly on the remains of what was once the capital of the Aztec Empire which is Tenochtitlan. In 1978, a group of archaeologists discovered a large stone engraved with the dismembered figure of the Aztec moon goddess (3.25 meters in diameter) which is known as Templo Mayor. It could not be a complete tour of the Mexico City Aztec history without visiting the Museum of Anthropology is the largest and most visited museum in the entire city.

3-Casa de Los Azulejos

The House of Blue Tiles is an eighteenth-century Baroque palace in Mexico City that dated to the end of the 1500s. It is the lasting record of Mexican art and history and one of the most precious popular meeting places. It becomes a home to the flagship store of the Sanborn’s restaurant chain where the whole categories of the society met.

4 -Mexico City Metro                                                                      

The best way to get around Mexico City is via metro. Not only that it’s the second-largest train system in North America but it is cheap and efficient. For those who are looking to pack in lots of sightseeing and magical views in one day the metro might be your suitable option.

 5 -Catedral Metropolitana

One of the most iconic structures that Mexico have is the Catedral Metropolitana which is lined with many other architecturally and historically stunning and fascinating buildings, such as the Palacio Nacional. What makes it more special is the dropping water table.

6-Rivera’s murals

Your visit to Mexico cannot be complete without heading to the murals by legendary Mexican artist Diego Rivera and if you want to see the complete picture of Diego Rivera’s career as a muralist then these murals is a must-see for you. These murals are expressing the history of Mexico and its powerful wealth past. The most famous thing is Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, which can be found in a small building on the edge of the Alameda.

In fact, these murals represent humanity in general and can have many readings since each one has its own way of seeing things and perspectives.

 7 -Palacio de Bellas Artes

We are living in a world where all of us as human beings need to be surrounded by the ideal beauty. So if you consider yourself as one of the group then do not miss the best-known place by art which is “7 Palacio de Bellas Artes”. The stunning place is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mexico city that contains some of the best cultural events and combines the old art and the new one.

The art deco interior is just wonderful and magnificent with its grandiose play of curved and straight lines in addition to the whole design with lamps and columns of pre-Hispanic inspiration.

Rivera, Siqueiros, Alfaro, Orozco, and others are the ones who decorated the walls in a fascinating way.

Once you get there, do not forget to look at the view from the Alameda to appreciate the beauty and the majesty of the building, with its extraordinary sculptures and art nouveau exterior. And if you have time and you still in Alameda in the evening, go to the Palace to explore the best atmosphere when the building has launched lighting and is quite beautiful and worth your eye-catching.

8 -Museo Soumaya

The Museo Soumaya is a private museum in Mexico City that is known as a non-profit cultural institution with two museum buildings and known as a vast gallery collection. The Museo has a collection of over 66,000 pieces of art that dates back to the 15th to the 20th centuries and it is a mixture of Mexican art, religious relics, and historical documents and coins.

The Museo also has the world’s largest collection of pre-Hispanic and Colonial coins and the currency that can be found on the first floor.

The version of Madonna of the Yarnwinder, is considered as the museum’s most expensive piece of art which deserve to be seen. Once you get inside this place you will feel like you are in an imagined place that is inspiring and amusing.

 9 -La Casa Azul Museo Frida Kahlo

The Museo Frida Kahlo is Known as the Blue House (La Casa Azul) because of its bold blue façade, the Frida Kahlo Museum (Museo Frida Kahlo) was considered as the birthplace and childhood home of the majority and well-known Mexican artist.

The Frida Kahlo Museum is one of Mexico City’s most visited attractions that attract visitors from the whole world.

10 -Coyoacan

While visiting Mexico do not miss the chance of heading to Kahlo’s neighborhood exactly the historic center of Coyoacan that has a unique village atmosphere. It is a land where Leon Trotsky lived for a while. Moreover, it was declared as the first capital of New Spain by Hernan Cortes in his jaw-dropping.

11-Colonia Roma

The “it” neighborhood seems undoubtedly a designated space for the intellectual young people. In this neighborhood you will find bookshops, art galleries and many cafes where the young people sit and discuss various topics. It is also a secret charming place of the urban hipsters’ lovers.

12-The Red Tree House

The Red Tree House is a wonderful and stunning site that is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Condesa. The accommodation there is somehow hard to find, but it worth it. The local people are generous and the hosts too.

13-Bosque de Chapultepec

The Chapultepec Park stretches 686 hectares with its chili-coated papaya, museums and even the city zoo. The Chapultepec castle housed Emperor Maximilian before the Mexican executing him.