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Kid-friendly Cities

Traveling with children can be a hard challenge for parents when thinking about a long packing list and time they spend looking for friendly-places that can be suitable for kids. That is why we are here; today we come with 7 wonderful destinations in Europe that will soothe your kids and even teenagers. All what you need is to set comfortably and try to concentrate on the following paragraphs of the article.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen considered one of the fantastic vacation destinations for kids with plenty of attractive spots. It is the city of the precious principle of equality between adults and kids; this is what makes it the best destination for baby kids.

This child-friendly city contains one of the world’s oldest theme parks. As well as the national aquarium which is The Blue Planet that includes Coral reefs, Ocean tank, and Amazons. This underwater world offers you the chance to experience the ocean’s majestic creatures with 20,000 colorful fish and marine animals that will take you on a unique journey.

For parents, I am directing my words and say this city is waiting for you to visit it with your kids. And if you are fed-up with the museums where your children feel bored then Louisiana Museum should be your best choice. This special Museum offers a special atmosphere for teenagers and kids as well by giving them the chance to participate in workshops and express themselves through painting and sculpting. In addition to this, there is also the science center where your children can challenge themselves through mathematical and logical problems without feeling bored.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is an amazing place to discover with your little kids. This beautiful city offers a lot of funniest things to do with your children and escape a busy lifestyle. Whether you want to find yourself and your kids thrown into instant green spaces or experience the charm of Amsterdam under the shining sun. There is no better way than the exploration of The Vondelpark which is kid-friendly with countless playgrounds where you can enjoy bike riding and long walking in the fresh air. In addition to this, the canal boat tours are the best thing to try, especially that the tours are combined with food and smoothies.

  1. Paris, France

France is the most touristic destination in the whole Europe. It is a destination that delights you with the vibrancy of its streets that blend all the artistic works with different delicious food you will surrender to. Children will be fascinated by the Eiffel Tower and will enjoy it more when climbing in the elevator to explore its charm. Paris happens also to be a great city of the best playgrounds; it is Luxembourg Gardens where you can find the balance between the adventurous playtime, art, culture and endless funniest activities for your kids.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital of Reykjavik is one of the most spectacular spots in Iceland that is full of natural wonders. Reykjavik becomes a great destination for kids where they get inspired by nature and can never feel bored. Not only can you explore the city with your children, but also see many important landmarks and feel relaxed due to the atmosphere it offers. The most confusing thing in this city is the culture of safety, while parents go shopping comfortably and leave their young babies in the buggies with 100% confidence that they will not be fine in their absence.

Reykjavik is known for its unique swimming pools that are suitable for all ages, from kids to teenagers to parents. You can make your journey a truly memorable trip by giving yourself the chance of seeing green lights dancing across the sky and climbing the flat-topped mountain Esja which is one of Iceland’s most popular destinations for day hiking.

  1. London, England

England is the birthplace of the majority of the classic characters with heroic roles related to childhood. UK has an unmissable list of places that you as parents must take the children to visit before they grow up; the luxurious castles and towers are good for kids to keep them active physically and mentally through the inspiration they got unconsciously from these places.

What is nice about his city is the visit to the museums that are free, which portrays the generosity of the city and its appreciation of culture, art, and knowledge.

If you are that kind of people who like green spaces, then St. James Park should be your planned destination for a picnic that will lead you to Buckingham palace and cross Green Park, Hyde Park to end up with Kensington Gardens; without forgetting to visit the Tower of London if your children find pleasure in the armory.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, The absolute overwhelming city offers various landscapes, activities and incredible views; it seems to be a spot of adventures for kids and adults as well. It is a child-friendly city whose street-lovers enjoy; for example, La Rambla Street which combines different kinds of art.

If your children are in love with adventures, then Mirador de Colom is waiting for them to discover another view of Barcelona. Moreover, the museum of chocolate that becomes a space of kids’ creativity is a suitable place that worth a visit by children and adults. What makes it an extraordinary museum is the range of activities that it combines, such as painting or sculpting with chocolate.

  1. Vienna Austria

Vienna with all its aspects and advantages, it seems to be a wonderfully kid-friendly city and the best choice when kids need to burn off energy. The first thing to do is to head to Schonbrunn Palace where your kids will be in 100% of the confusion. Another place that worth your kids’ visit is The Belvedere museum where they are going to engage and learn about art; It is one of the museums that you shouldn’t miss since it is an impressive collection of Eastern European artists as it has also a nice and big garden.