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Common Mistakes You’re Likely to Make While Traveling with Your Pet

People now a day take their pets where ever they want to go and that’s good because it means double the fun if you are a good planner. Most people fall into many mistakes because they forget that their pet is energetic, high anxiety, and sensitive to sound and motion and that may cause them more money, more time to adapt, more effort or worst to cancel the whole trip. That’s why I decided to share with you 15 common mistakes that you may fall into.

  1. Falling to plan from start to finish

One of the common mistakes that most people fall into is a last-minute trip due to the lack of time or surprising events. that kinds of things force you to go home packs your stuff, take your pet, take his toys and food but you don’t plan for the whole trip the motels that may not allow you to bring animals the airline if you are planning to fly on plain and you need to concern the needs of the pet. You can’t just drive without a plan from A to Z.

To travel with pets is a joy only a few people know it, but first, you should plan wisely because to take a friend with you is not like taking your pet. There is more money to spend, more time to waste and more effort to do. You can’t just stop at the first hotel and expect that everyone will let you bring your pet inside. If you are going on a plain you need to pay more, if you are traveling using your car you need to consider more rest time because your pet needs rest you can’t expect him to stand still the whole trip.

  1. Not double checking if your accommodations are pet-friendly

It is important to do the reservation before going on your trip. But what is more important is to make sure that the hotel policy allowed you to bring your pet. Also, many hotels do not allow bringing pets and especially reptiles’, and birds because of noise and because some people may have allergy furry animals.

Another important thing is even if the hotel allows you to bring your pet, you need to make sure they allow you to bring those types of animals, with that size and weight. Even if the hotel is pet-friendly that does not mean they will not charge you for damage or just for allowing you to bring it you need to pay more.

  1. Not checking your accommodations pet-related rules

After you made sure that the hotel allows you to bring your pet you need to see if they have any restricted rules for that like not leaving the pet alone at the hotel when you want to go out for a non-pet night or to make sure not to disturb the neighbors.

Besides knowing the hotel’s rules you need to make sure that the hotel will take care of your pet like walking service most pet-friendly hotels offer you pet service like taking your pet for a walk (if it is a dog), or taking care of it for you when you have other plans to do or to finish a work. Such services are important to look for because it is helpful and give you more time for you and more care for your pet.

  1. Your destination is not very pet-friendly

One of the mean things you should know is the destination that you aim to take tour/camp/quick visit is probably hospital and the people love animals especially the camping places but on the other hands big it is will be a challenge to keep your attention on your pet, and the signs on shops/coffee/restaurants that allow or forbids animals.

Further, most people like furry animals and allow you to bring them inside but in some time of the year they don’t because their paws are wet or carrying mud or snow and they need to clean after you every time. So make sure you choose a good time of the year.

  1. Your pet has never traveled before

Your pet may be calm and friendly at home but taking it on a trip for the first time may be exhausting because their first trip means new places, new, smells and new people. So don’t expect your pet to behave like when he is at home.

You may be familiar with traveling to new cities, new places but your pets’ first trip is another thing you need to make sure you take it to shorter and close trips to be familiar to traveling it will be easier for you and him.

  1. You did not consider the length of travel time

To travel for more than 3hours is exhausting for you and for your pet that is why it is better to give your pet break from time to time to take a walk and rest before taking it back in.

To take your pet with you on a car trip is totally different from air travel. If you’re planning to take your pet with you on an air trip you better book for a direct trip if it is a short one. On the other hand, if it is a long one you better take it part by part to make sure they are having enough rest.

  1. You disrupted your pets’ schedule

Everyone has a schedule and for humans, it is fine for them if they break the routine. But it is not the same thing for animals, especially dogs. Dogs have a restricted schedule because they are trained to do a thing at a particular time and that long trip can cause undesirable behaviors.

Keeping the safe routine makes the pets feel safe and that nothing changed that’s why it is better to keep an eye on their schedule like mealtime, time for a walk and playtime.