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Best Secret Sights to Explore in Jordan

Are you looking for a place where to explore new things and activities, hiking, riding horses and camels? Then Make sure to prepare your backpack and head to Jordan that contains many historical sites such as the worldwide famous Petra – (UNESCO World Heritage Site, 1985) and much more.

1-Muttrah fish market in Oman, with Corniche in the background

Along the lively corniche, at the west of Muscat on the coast of Gulf of Oman, you will find a new market stand as a focal point for the community of Muttrah. When you get there you notice that this gorgeous place is designed to combine between the old and the new. It is the meeting place of the worldly tourist from all over the world and fishermen meet under the same roof.

The fish market offers 100 fish sellers and cutters, good restaurants, coffeeshop and much more. It is the place that defines the boundaries of public space, interconnecting the mountains, the city, and the waterfront.

2-Explore the red desert

You may never see the red desert or even heard about it, but this is the time to know some information about it and quickly prepare your backpack to head to it.

This is a desert that spans millions of acres, including energy development roads in addition to big open space where you can enjoy the solitude, freedom and get inspired by a calm atmosphere.

In the northern red desert you can enjoy hiking among sand dunes, get lost, feel comfortable, and get out of the daily stress and the bustle and the hustle of the city.

3-Stroll the streets of an ancient city

Are your imaginations ready to send you to the golden time of the city, when the theatre was ready for high columns and performances? If yes, then you do not need to think too much; Jerash city that dates back to 6500 years is waiting for you to explore it. It is one of the most-preserved Roman provincial areas in the world that has been restored over the past seventeen years.

4-Go chasing waterfalls

The Wadi Mujib is one of the best eco-friendly destinations in Jordan where you can live the best experience ever by hiking through the deserts, mountains and climbing down into wide canyons. The Mujib nature reserve is the perfect destination that is suitable for the adventurous travelers with its dramatic shaped rock terrain reaching (2950 feet) above sea level and (1315 feet) meters below.

5-Overnight at an eco-lodge

For the adventurous people who adore nature the Feynan Eco Lodge might be the best destination that offers more attention to the beauty of nature. It is a pure magic place where you live outside your worries and thoughts that’s been opened since 2005.

The building is quite spectacular and the view there can not be described.

The hotel uses candlelight to light the rooms, the dining area, and lobby, in addition to solar panels which you can see over the mountain and those are used to produce the electricity for the bathrooms.

If it happened and you get there you will feel how happiness can be made by the simplicity and escape your hectic lives temporarily to find peace while enjoying your cup of tea and the scenic views that nature draws.

6-Make like you are king of the castle

Jordan is a spot of important periods of time with a rich history. In this country, you will find many desert castles that date back to ancient centuries and represent the early Islamic architecture, art, and history. Kirak, for example, is a large and strong castle that can be found in Al-karak, Jordan and became the center power of the country. As another example, quṣayr’amra, “little palace”) is the most famous castle in the eastern desert of Jordan. This is one of the most remarkable examples of early Umayyad art and Islamic architecture contains a thermal system divided into three parts, showing a Roman influence.

7-Floating and relaxing in the Dead Sea.

Seeing many short videos and pictures posted by tourists and photographers on social media about the Dead Sea are just a key to increase your motivation to head to this stunning destination.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west; this salinity makes for a harsh environment in which plants and animals cannot flourish that is why it named the “Dead Sea”

It is known as the deepest hypersaline lake in the whole world.

It is a wonderful sea that worth to slather it on with much more advantages especially the ones related to the skin such as the mineral-rich mud from the seabed which is considered as a tonic for the human skin.

8-Walk in Jesus’ footsteps

Just east of the Jordan River, about 9 kilometers north of the Dead Sea you will find the church that was considered as an unparalleled religious place and the most notable memorial church of St. John the Baptist on the east bank of the Jordan River. The site has been a popular pilgrimage spot during the whole previous centuries.

Even today many pilgrims wear white clothes and try to be baptized in the river waters believing that it is an important religious thing that must be practiced and reserved.

The other places that must be visited and worth your full attention are the area’s Roman and Byzantine remains that will charm you with its beautiful sceneries.

9-Discover a different side of Petra

One of the world’s wonders and the most Arabic attractive site can be summarized in one word which “Petra”. You cannot have a complete and a full image of this stunning destination if you do not visit it at night as well as the day when the musicians performing traditional songs that lead to an otherworld where there is the amusement only.