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10 things you should not do in Mexico


Mexico is known as the number one destination for tourists due to the warm weather and amazing culture, and most of the tourists look for things to do in Mexico and plenty of people will guide you and recommend places to visit and things to do but what about things you should not do!! That is why we recommend 10 things you should not do while you are in Mexico because (it affect bad memories with polise or to be hurted while you are out, so to ensure you do not fall in them read the following.

  1. Do not hitch a ride in a random taxi 

We all take a taxi when we want to go somewhere near or far because it is reliable and faster than waiting the bus but this is not the same when you are in Mexico, Most of the taxi drivers are not licensed or not working for a taxi company and will tax you the price they want and that will get you in troubles because by taking a taxi you are putting your life in the driver’s hands not knowing where he is taking you. That is why you should always ask the hotel to bring you a taxi because they know the taxi’s companies that work better, so for your safety try to avoid taking a taxi especially alone.

  1. Don’t bring your fancy jewelry

This one is an important tip because there are many careless people who wear their best clothes and jewelry outside and that is not good in places like Mexico, you may lose a hand for your expensive watch or worst you may lose your life for it, try to blind in and put your camera in your bag until you need it and let the fancy stuff in the hotel it is safer there.  

  1. Do not over plan

Do not tie yourself to a restricted plan you already made before coming and seeing beautiful Mexico, give yourself some freedom to explore the great culture of Mexicans and the wonderful fiesta, who knows you may find yourself enjoying more than the plan of the tour someone else made. A guide will show you what others want to see but why not giving yourself some freedom of discovering.

  1. Do not use the metro station during rush hours

Every country suffer from rush hour and you as a tourist try to organize your time so as not stuck in some random station with a lot of people pushing right and left until you lose your place or not knowing where are your friends, or it can be worst you may lose your money your phone and jewelry in metro station because you can’t pay attention to everything that is why the best thing is to avoid metro stations during rush hour.

  1. Avoid drinking water

Montezuma’s Revenge is real and it is caused by contaminated food or water, or even from person-to-person contact that is why the best thing is to buy as many bottles of water as you can and it is better to be sealed, you can find bottles of water everywhere and it is for the best to brush your teeth using water from bottles to keep healthy and enjoy the rest of your trip safely.  

  1. Do not expect to find toilette seats everywhere

Toilette seats are n important thing that we need to go for it once or twice a day, and we expect to find them where ever we go, but that is not the same in Mexico, toilette seats available just in the tourist’s area no more because in Mexico it is just a complementary thing no more. So put it in mind that if you are far from the tourist area you need to deal with the situation and use the standard porcelain rim and a trash basket next to it for toilette paper.

  1. Put in mind that you can’t eat before 9 pm.

Most of the Mexican establishment would be empty before 9 pm because Mexican people familiar with late dinner that is why if you are planning to eat an early dinner don’t be surprised if you found yourself eating along so it is better to add an hour or two to your program to enjoy the Mexican company all along with the fabulous culture.

  1. Do not indulge in rich food and drinks

Most of the tourist become irrational when they are on a vacation and that is not the best thing on your trip you better keep your money and forget about overindulging in drinks and high-cost food, at first you may think that it deserves the money you pay for but ask yourself the same question in the morning with that terrible headache and empty pocket, there are far better places to spend your money in than destroying your health with drinks all the time.

  1. Do not wait for the bill unless you ask for it

In most of the restaurant, the waiter brings the bill after you finish eating dessert and that is an expected thing but not in Mexico the waiter there will not bring you the bill because for them it is a rude behavior and a sign that they want you to leave In a Mexican restaurant, you can stay as long as you want then pay the bill and leave as most Mexican do. People who are not familiar with this will assume that behavior as if they are unwelcomed there that is why you should put in mind that every culture is different from the other.

  1. Don’t offer to split the bill

Some things you should know it while you are in Mexico and want to eat with some local friends is not to offer to split the bill especially if you are the one inviting them, that would be rude and not appropriate, because in Mexico if someone invited you he will pay the whole bill without asking or hesitating and the same for you when you in his place you should assume that the whole bill is on you before inviting anyone.