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10 Forbidden Places

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Actually, you may not be aware that there are prohibited places in this world, apart from North Korea, which means that no ordinary person is allowed to visit and if you try so, it will lead to unpleasant consequences. Some of these places are fleshed out in the secret metros, government bunkers, and many others.

           1-Stalin’s Subway:

This establishment, which no one, of course, is allowed to visit, was built by the government during the peak of the USSR, which was and still a source of fascination for all. With an unsure tone, It is declared to be someplace in the unknown Moscow, but the government refutes that, perhaps for private reasons.

  1. Mount Weather:

If a nuclear war happens to be, Mount Weather would be the safe place for you to resort in and it does not require much, just a quick flight trip from Washington DC in Virginia Woods. It is a hideout equipped with all the essentials that the president will need especially electrical apparatuses such as television, air-cooling, and a wireless communication system for a rapid and effective contact with the population of the United States. But it is almost impossible to reach there, guards are found throughout the whole place, although the government has made little effort to hide its location.

  1. North Sentinel Island:

Don’t let this island fascinate you with its charm, pure waters, and high palm trees. It is not a destination you may want to spend your holiday in unless you want to die in a younger age. Its native inhabitants will greet you either with spears or with making you their tasty meal, which you will not want to be. This clan, which has no more than 400 people, rejects, for life, any contact with other societies from all over the world. It is also protected by the Indian government, so you have no chance to be there.

  1. Mezhgorye, Russia:

The Russian government says that the city contains only staff working on Mount Yamantao and is said to be a food stocker as well as a government hideout. But NATO states that, Mount Yamantao, is one of Russia’s biggest nuclear power station. There are many other possibilities that you won’t find its answer unless you’re there.

  1. Surtsey, Iceland:

This small isle was born out of a volcanic eruption during the 1960s and 1970s and from that moment on, nobody was allowed to go there except some wiser scientists who would look around for what fascinates hearts and minds. It is said that its landscape catches everybody’s eye, making it the first one in the world in terms of beauty. Nor did the Icelandic government make any change that might affect its divine beauty. Surtsey is then a home to wildlife, not humanity.

  1. Pine Gap, Australia:

This private satellite station is located in an unknown location in Australia, managed by the Australian regime and the U.S.A. It is usual for allies to join forces, yet, conspiracy theories are controversial about what goes down in Pine Gap. Some people think it is capable of communicating with the UFO, whereas the majority believes it is a broadcasting station that discovers counterespionage and was applied frequently during the peak of the war against international terrorism. But I advise you not to think of visiting that place because the area is severely besieged.

  1. Snake Island, Brazil:

Snake Island, the name does not bode well, and I do not think you want to visit this place. This tiny craggy isle is located off the coast of Brazil contains all kinds of dangerous and non-dangerous snakes and is said to have around one snake per square m. Bothrops insularis is one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world. Getting a permit from the naval service office of the Brazilian military is all that you need if you decide to go to this place.

  1. Room 39, North Korea:

If you were in North Korea, try to stop by Kim Jong-un’s concealed chamber 39 that is said to be the place of all the panic gloomy illegal things. There are those who believe that it’s a place of trafficking in narcotics, money laundering operations and taking someone’s life executions. However, the North Korean regime solidly refutes doing any kind of these acts, but no one will ever know what is going on there.

  1. Pripyat, Ukraine:

Pripyat is completely empty from inhabitants due to the nuclear disaster that happens ages ago just like the Chernobyl one. Some declarations stated that it needs a long time to be restored and to be ready for residing again. However, some courageous persons attempt to take risks but the government offers security bouncers to avoid any unpleasant outcomes. The strong reason why people are prevented from visiting there is the deadly irradiance. Slew of questions are still raised about why and how the catastrophe of Chernobyl happens and how the state allowed people to stay in the no-go zone.

  1. Area 51, Nevada :

The area 51 captivated all people of all kinds and ages, and it is considered the most renowned place in the world. The U.S stated that this is only a place to test aircraft, but I think everyone knows it’s a space to experience new extraterrestrial life. But this is just one of the conventional theories. Whatever experience you want to have in Area 51, you will not be able to access it so easily. Thus, we have no other solution but to imagine how the sight will be there.